Analysis of the National Association of Polymer Industries of the Petrochemical Products Market Management Plan


The Iranian petrochemical industry faces numerous challenges, including price controls, rent and corruption, lack of transparency and monopolies in the commodity exchange, and severe price fluctuations. In this regard, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (IMT) has proposed a plan to manage the petrochemical products market. The National Petrochemical Industries Association (NPIA), as one of the main stakeholders of this plan, has presented its views on it.

Provisions of the IMT Plan:

  • Elimination of quotas for some petrochemical grades
  • Weekly عرضه of petrochemical products in the commodity exchange
  • Determination of the base price of petrochemical products based on global prices
  • Imposing export tariffs on petrochemical products

NPIA's Analysis:

The NPIA generally agrees with the IMT's goal of ساماندهی the petrochemical products market. However, the association has raised concerns about some of the plan's provisions.

Elimination of Quotas:

  • The NPIA believes that eliminating quotas can lead to increased competition in the commodity exchange and more price fluctuations.
  • The association suggests that quotas for sensitive and high-consumption
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